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Megren Tasks Delegation

SharePoint Tasks Delegation Manager


The Delegation manager solution is SharePoint project covers the limitation of workflow.

Assume that you got tasks assigned from SharePoint workflow and you are not available or you

Have to delegate the responsibility to another user for certain time automatically,

I mean set an automated process without re-assign an each task to the concern user individually or manually.


Technical Explanation:

 If we analyze the tasks lifecycle it will be initiated by workflow or task then it will be saved to the task list with basic information:

-          Title

-          Assigned to

-          Status

-          Start Date

-          Description

-          % Complete

 So, if we think about the logic of delegation, it’s basically reassigning the task to another user with same task’s information.

To achieve that, we need to develop solution can modify the “Assigned to” field to another user

But if we do that, the task is already assigned to user A then it will be reassigned to user B and it doesn’t make sense;

Because of duplication of process (Assign è Reassign).

To solve this we can determine one of the needed components of the project called Event Receiver

Event Receiver:

It’s one of the SharePoint Visual Studio Project which allows handling SharePoint events.

In this solution I need to set an event receiver on “Task list item”, to perform an action before adding item.


Before the task added on the list I need to check if the “assigned to” value is equal my user ID, if yes i will change the value to another user(delegated user)

 To automate this I have to create Custom List to save the delegation roles for each user with the period time of delegation and manage it by Custom Web Part.

Until this point we have covered all the main needed components on this solution:

  1. Task Event Receiver.
  2. Delegation Roles List.
  3. Delegation Web Part.


Delegation Manager Web Part

Thank you for your interest.


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